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Javi described by his owners

Javi's owners Ms Andrea Deppner & Dr Gregor Bahrenberg describe their wonderful boy like this:

"Arragon vom Feuerbach (*27.01.2011) 

VJP 73, HZP 185, Major-Herber-HZP 186, VGP 348/I. Bringselverweiser, sil, FuW 306/ Id, ÖVGP 382/IIIb, BICP 23, BTR, HN, SchwN, Derby I., Solms II., sg/v/sg, WG2 WF1, drgr, HD-B1, 64 cm

Arragon is a mid-sized, athletic male with nice shape lines and aristocratic exterior. The well-ankled and muscled hind quarter harmonizes with his relatively long body. His hair is dense, but fine and dark.
He was already presented during his first year on all German hunting association exams (VJP, HZP and even VGP) with grades way above average. He passed the VGP only 20 months old with ´full house´(348 points) as winner of the trial and is a dead game guide (Bringselverweiser). All his siblings show these extraordinary performance on the different trials, and what is more important, in hunting practice.

Arragon is used for all disciplines (´Vollgebrauchshund´). He trails wild boars sharply, pulls down even injured red deer, sacrifice them reliably, or keeps the animal at the place until the hunter is there. He tackles predators (e.g. foxes, raccoon) without compromise.

He has best capabilities in the field work. When in the small game, searches reliable near to the musket, and shows excellent behavior ahead the game. He searches the field very fast and wide, his head up. He protrudes, until the hunter comes to him and has the option to shoot. He shows a very good nose, is quite relaxed when he has to wait for his service, and is characterized by a great passion and will to find. Arragon is working in the water and he is used for searching wounded high and small game. He has the typical behavior to protect, but is very socially compatible and of clear character."

* * *

Wow! What a guy he is. I'm really excited to see what he produces with my wonderful Saga!

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  1. Johanna, good evening!
    Sorry to trouble you :) My husband and I discussed again the issue of buying a puppy. And we understand that your excellent kennel and lifestyle of your dog - it is a guarantee of pure breed and hunting mentality puppies. I think that we will be ready to buy at this price.
    At what age puppies will be ready at the sale?
    Tell me, girls also tallantlivy in the hunt, as well as boys? Actually, we wanted to take the girl. But we did not know as she is intelligent and is good as a hunter, as a boy?
    Thank you! ☺

  2. I wrote you a few questions on gmail. Can you see? Thanks!